Pink Fire Pointer October 2012

Atlantic City Convention and November!

Hell yes the Atlantic City Convention had its ups and downs but I consider it a success. This was the second convention that Nicole Thompson and I had worked together since she graduated from apprentice to artist, and she made the most out of it by winning her first trophy for her colored flash sheet. Her and I also collaborated on a series of flash sheets that won us another trophy as well. That is two trophies in two back to back conventions! Two words, hell yes! And I don't know if you've heard but Dynasty recently was awarded the 2nd best overall tattoo studio in Philadelphia. Yes, you read that right, Philadelphia. No we didn't move, we are STILL located in Newfield. WAY down in south Jersey, but our work is so awesome that we out ranked most every single Philly based studio except one. So with three new trophies and a 2nd place ranking in a city we don't even work in I only have one question for you. Why haven't you booked your appointment yet?

I can see you are working on some lame excuse like like the lack of $. Well, with all of the specials we offer it's hard for me to take such excuses seriously. Yes, I know we don't charge $20 and a six pack, but if you know anything about tattoos in the first place then you know that those type of tattoos suck. So if you want quality work you have to pay a little more. So now it comes down to priorities, and you gotta decide if you want to spend hundreds on the new iphone, clothes, car parts etc which break, wear out, go out of fashion or get destroyed when you wreck you car or if you want to make an investment in one of the only things you actually take to the grave; your own flesh! Hmmm, hard choice right? Not really.

So to give all of you who live at home, (not paying child support, or a mortgage, still going to school, living with mom and dad yet still seem to have no money but go to AC and get a room, gamble and drink utnil you make bad decisions) a little kick in the ass I am offering these specials next month. From November 12th-16th 25% off new cover ups. Here is your chance to get that hideous piece of shit covered up. Why rock some shitty home made tattoo when a real artist is willing to cover it up at 25% off his normal hourly rate? During the week of November the 19th-23rd I will offer a discount on all tattoos I've started but have yet to finish. $100 dollars and hour. Thats $25 dollars off the normal hourly rate! So get that piece finished so you aren't looking at just an outline anymore!! And lastly November the 26th-30th I will be offering a discount on all sketch book designs (I'll make an album on my facebook fan page so you all know where to look). This discount will vary depending on the design and size etc but trust me I will make it worth it I promise. So there you are three weeks of discounts good only on people who actually book an appointment! Get in on it now because these slots could be gone fast!

Fall 2012 Conventions/Trophies/Magazines/Free Tattoos!

OMG its been a while since I've updated my blog! I apologize if anyone is actually reading this...

So what have I been up to? Well, I recently captured my first ever convention trophy at the last Wildwood Beach Bash Tattoo Convention this past Sept. Sure I've won other tattoo contests held at various bars, but this win makes me feel like a much more legit artist hahaha. Next up is the Atlantic City Tatttoo Convention otherwise known as the Drawin the Wildcard Tattoo Convention Oct. 12th, 13th, and 14th where I hope to bring home even more trophies. Also this October I will be taking some time off and heading down to Key West for a little R&R. Should be a good time. And at the studio we are again doing the Dynasty Tattoo coloring contest for all the kiddies stop on in and grab a coloring sheet for your little ones and participate for some awesome Halloween grab bags!

In other news I am now taking appointments for November and offering a discount to anyone who has unfinished work started by me. This offer is only good if you set up an appointment and will NOT be honored if you are a walk-in, so book those appointments now and get yer ish finished!

In case you missed it I also had a full page spread in Ink Pushers magazine, check it out here.

AND of course there is the absolutely FREE tattoo sleeve/backpiece giveaway going on, only available on my website. I've seen other impostors posting about free tattoo giveaways, an idea they stole from me so now I had to up the ante and am offering a full sleeve or back piece! Check my site for details.

Lastly, if you are like half the American population and have a smartphone you probably have an Instagram account so why not follow me @ SCOTTDOESTATTOOS