Pink Fire Pointer January 2012

2012 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention

This chilly February just like every February tattooed freaks and scantily clad females will converge on center city Philadelphia for another amazing tattoo convention. This year also like years past, Troy and his band of cohorts at Villain Arts are hosting the convention. But the big change this year is that instead of being at some crowded hotel it will be in the actual convention center! Artist's from around the globe as well as local kick ass artist's such as myself will be diligently working on new and exciting masterpieces all in the name of art. 

The fun begins on Friday the 10th at 2pm until 12 midnight. Then continues the next day from 12pm until 12am, and finally runs out on Sunday where you might be able to get some new ink from 12pm until 8pm. Admission is $20 a day or $40 for the whole weekend! And parents why not bring your little delinquents? Kids under 12 are FREE!

So why not mark the days on your calendar, figure out what ya want to get and grab $60 to book your appointment with yours truly? If you book an appointment I will gladly knock off your entrance fee. And I am offering discounted designs on my site, Scott Does Tattoos. So check em out and if ya see something you like be sure to hit me up! Come join in the fun...And I hope to see you there!

And as always if you can't afford a tattoo why subject your flesh to some hacker in his basement when you can get a professional tattoo from me for FREE? Just swing by my site and check out this months FREE TATTOO!