Pink Fire Pointer February 2012

Saying goodbye to the FREE Tattoos...

If you are a client of mine or at the very least a fan or even worse, just some lurker lol you've known that I had been giving away a free tattoo each and every month for about a year now. Well, this has come to an end. I started this with the idea of drawing something I really wanted to do and in hopes of meeting new people and potential clients. And it worked so well that I've gotten so busy that I am finding it hard to keep up every month with a new and original design. So I've decided to end the whole free thing and move on to bigger and better things. 

Don't be too dismayed all of you people looking for a great deal on a custom tattoo. Because now I am offering to do huge pieces, I'm talking about FULL sleeves, back pieces, chest pieces etc. to a lucky few. Are they free?? NO. But, they are going to be offered up at HALF off my normal hourly rate. 1/2 of $125 is $62 an hour, not bad for what you'd get in return. There are some stipulations, one being that the work take place from 12-2pm Tuesday through Thursday. I know a 2 hour session isn't much but it will give me a chance to work at a pace that will insure top quality without compromising too much pain endurance on your part. And secondly the pieces are topics or subjects of my choosing. :) Thus far the topics on the board are a super bright yet evil Alice in Wonderland sleeve, a Tim Burtons Nightmare before Christmas inspired piece, my vision is an uber colorful eye popping design.Another idea I'd like to do is a style I’m hardly ever asked to do, bio-mechanical, and I’d like to do a large piece, something with chrome and human tissue…
much like this Roman Abrego piece...

I’m also interested in doing a large scale full traditional Asian inspired back piece, like a large Koi or Phoenix. Bold out lines and brightly colored. 

If any of these designs sound like something you'd be interested in please feel free to contact me at the sooner the better.

In other news you might have heard that some of my artwork will appear in the newest issue of Tabu Tattoo's March Issue, this is the first time I've been in this particular magazine so I'm pretty excited. I've also met with an amazing photographer Koji Sese who will be doing some shoots for me in the near future. I really like his work and look forward to working with him. 

On the traveling front I'd like to announce some  more conventions and guest spots I will be attending, next will be the Tampa Tattoo Fest in late March/ early April, as well as the Wildwood and Atlantic City conventions later this fall. As for guest spots I am in the planning stages of visiting Joseph Bergeron and company at his studio Revolution Ink Tattoo down in Leesvillle, Louisiana. Lots of good stuff planned for this year to be excited about!

Joseph Bergeron

Philly Tattoo Convention, DONE!

So the Philly convention was amazing, the arctic weather rolled in but didn't stop the crowds from filling the new venue. So on the topic of the venue I have some opinions I'd like to share (lol, of course I do right?). First, the security and hassle of coming and going. Going was never really an issue, if you wanted to leave, all you had to do was follow the exits. But getting in was a different story! On the first day we were allowed in via a long wait to check in, get our passes, booth location etc. No problems, however once in we were told if we exited the building we had to wait in the long lines of patrons still coming in! How about an artist re-entry area, we have passes that the regular attendees don't have...Just a thought. Then on the two subsequent days we the artists again had to wait in long lines to be scanned for weapons. LOL Yeah I dropped $600 on a booth so I could smuggle a knife into the show so later I can shank someone! Are they joking? Besides my knife was in my kit that didn't get checked the first day... Duh! And while on the subject how about retiring the old and feeble guards that take 10 minutes to wand you and check your backpack.

Scrat from Ice Age done Saturday on Josh Ducat at Philly Convention.

Now how about the Health Department making their rounds on the 2nd day?! Um hey guys if there is a problem isn't the second day a day late? Lol.And since I touched on the aging staff, can you find some "bartenders" who can poor drinks quickly? Because those lines for adult beverages were excruciatingly slow. Also two themalfaxes are not enough especially when they weren't working well and the lines at the copier/copiers was horrible since it took WAY to long to get stencils made and put me further behind with my appointments.

Amber's Fight Club bar of soap done Sunday at the convention.

Otherwise I thought the new venue was awesome. It seemed to have more space, not as crowded as before. I was blown away by just how many artists attended this year and the quality of the work they were producing. Everyone seemed to have a good time and I was lucky to stay as busy as I was. I was overjoyed to see so many of my own clients as well as other Dynasty clients supporting us, you guys rock! I apologize for not being able to spend as much time talking to everyone, besides the fact that no one could hear me anyway. I think I was starting to lose my voice by Sunday lol.

Well that is about it for the convention. In other news I still am slacking on getting a new design posted for my free tattoo monthly give away so keep checking back. AND more of my work is being published in Tabu Tattoo issue #47 on sale 3/13/2012 so make sure you find and buy a copy. I haven't been in this magazine before so kind of excited lol.
Finished make-up sleeve.