Pink Fire Pointer August 2013

Beaten, Never Broken

Living in Philly has its ups and downs. On the plus side I have endless choices of places to eat which are open at all hours of the day and night. We’ve got museums, shopping, bars, parks, sports, the list goes on. But with the good there comes the bad. This city is also full of inconsiderate people, litter, traffic, and crime. I’ve been on the receiving end of the last a few times. I’ve had a car and a motorcycle stolen and most recently I was liberated of 90% of my tattoo equipment. Some could say it was my fault for having left it in my car, but it takes a special kind of scumbag to steal from someone’s car. Now I could get mired down in self depreciating feelings and throw myself a pity party but I take solace in knowing that whoever took my things will never be able to use them to create the tattoos that I did or will do for that matter. I’ve contacted the majority of the tattoo studios in the area and have friends keeping a watchful eye on both craigslist and ebay in case the douche bags try selling my equipment.  

moerder tattoo hammonton nj

I’m also feel lucky in that I’m surrounded by positivity. I have two great studios where I work with truly good caring and generous people. I’m also proud to have some of the greatest clients who trust me and keep me busy creating one of a kind artwork. So I thank not only my coworkers at Moerder Tattoo and Broadway Tattoo Lounge but also each and every one of you.

broadway tattoo lounge south amboy nj

I will rebuild. I lost material possessions, not my ability to do my job.  My equipment will be replaced and I will continue to do what I love doing. I’ve got two upcoming conventions; Wildwood is in a couple of weeks and then Inked Out NJ is in September. I’ve still got some limited openings for each for anyone interested. And as always if you’d like to book an appointment email me at and we can see what my availability is. 

moerder tattoo hammonton nj

So once again, thank you to the staff at BOTH Moerder Tattooand Broadway Tattoo Lounge. Please show them support by following them on instagram and facebook. And an especially big thank you to my amazing clients, without you none of this would be possible!

moerder tattoo broadway tattoo lounge nj