Pink Fire Pointer May 2012

Scratcher Alert! Nick Accordino/Joseph Accordino

OH MY GOD! So while trolling facebook I've come across super amazing home tattoo artist Nick Accordino aka Joseph Accordino. He is a 21 year old scratcher who according to him is "BBP Cert- 100% Legal to Tattoo in NJ". Awesome right? Yeah not so much. 

Here is his Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate, this means he successfully passed a test and was given this certificate. So he knows what he's doing right??? Well, he SHOULD but that doesn't mean he practices what he supposedly learned. Example 1.

Here is our boy now, Whats that a towel, a pillow perhaps? Something that is easily contaminated by blood and ink. Hmmmm bloodborne pathogen trained right??? Example number 2.

Here he is with obviously dirty gloves cross contaminating whatever he he holding, Same disgusting set up. Is this a bedroom, living room? Carpet? Hmmm another breeding ground for all the micro spray of blood and ink to get trapped and harbor in. Bloodborne pathogen certified right?? I guess its like a drivers license, just because you get one by no means makes you a responsible driver.

If you look closely the tube (the object that the tattoo needle goes up and down in) is metal. These are reusable, and without a properly working ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave he is not sanitizing them properly. And even if he does have an autoclave I'll be willing to bet that it hasn't been tested to verify that it indeed works and has been documented by the Board of Health. But he's bloodborne pathogen certified!

Now lets look at his work shall we? Here is a proud example...

Kitchen magician at work, beer cans, whiskey bottles and is that a wadded up table cloth or someones shirt? Either way more permeable surfaces to contaminate! Oh boy I can smell the HepC!

Here is the proud owner. The pic just screams, "I just saved $20!" doesn't it? So lets take a closer look at this arrow head.

Oh yeah! There is that smooth shading he learned from watching Ink Masters! Smooth clean outlines, shading so smooth and transitional that the arrow head seems so real its as if it could fall right off his arm! Yeah not really. This is a giant turd. An easy $200 cover up, but home boy saved $20, sure he might have a nice case of HIV or hepatitis, syphilis, tetanus, tuberculosis or some other infectious disease. But he got himself a sweet tat from his boy for dirt cheap!

But because we've seen Mr. Accordino isn't practicing safe exercises even though hes "certified" he could easily be distributing diseases with every tattoo done. This is why you don't get tattooed in someones house. This is why you go to trained professionals. This is why I am forwarding his info to the Health Department and maybe he will get fined, or jail time and NEVER be allowed to tattoo legally in the state of NJ. This one individual could be giving people not only shitty tattoos but diseases that supposedly he was trained to prevent yet takes no precautions to do so.

This makes me sick. And I hope the people reading this will share this info with their friends and help spread the word about this and any other scratcher they know of. Thanks!

Some people say that nothing in this world is free. Well, I am again about to prove them wrong. For over a year one lucky person won a totally custom tattoo designed by me each and every month! And all they had to do to be that lucky person was to email me. It was just that simple! But sadly what started out as something fun to do ran me down.

Then I decided to offer a HUGE discount on large pieces. Full back pieces, full sleeves, etc. No half sleeves, no quarter sleeves! I’m talking about big custom designs created by me for the serious collector. This special caught on with a few people but not many. So I am now going to offer another outrageous concept.

A completely FREE sleeve or backpiece! You read it right. Not just a simple 5 by 7 inch piece done in two hours, but a full on sleeve or backpiece taking up serious time and energy on both my and your parts. Now as with the completely free tattoo give away since you will not be paying me for any of this tattoo the design will be completely MY idea. But rest assured there will be nothing vulgar or distasteful. Just good clean fun.

The last completely free tattoo I did was the make-up sleeve many of you have probably seen. Below is a picture of the tattoo. This situation will require you to sign a contract stating how you will complete the work and make yourself available for photo shoots, etc. This is only for serious people, this is not a joke.

So how do you win this FREE tattoo? Parties interested in this project will send me an email to One random winner will be chosen by Aug. 1st and notified via email if they’ve won. The tattoo will be done as all other free tattoos have been done; during week days between the hours of 12pm and 2pm. The sessions will be weekly. If you can not commit to such a schedule then PLEASE DO NOT ENTER! If you have unreliable transportation you might want to reconsider entering.

Awe, its sooo little!

Here I am again, bitching and ranting for your personal enjoyment. Okay, typical day at the studio. In walks a potential client.

Me, "Hello, can I help you?"
Female, "Hi, yeah, I'm friends with (insert client name here). And I love their tattoos and they told me to come see you."
"Okay, what were you thinking of getting?"
"Well, I want this..."(pulls out phone to show me images) [please people STOP doing this, bring in printed pictures]
"Okay, so you want a (random nondescript design), where on your body and how large would you like it?"
"Well it has to be small, on my ankle or foot. You know, because of (work, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, or some other lame ass excuse.)"
"Okay, how big is small?"
Holds up petite hand and makes circle using forefinger and thumb. A circle slightly bigger then a quarter.
"Okaaayyy, so we will have to simplify it quite a bit to make it that small, you'll lose a lot of detail."
"But I want it just like the picture."
"Well then it will have to be bigger."
"Why? My friend has one and its small like that..."


So listen up! Small tattoos are LAME. They suck. And I'll tell you why. Have you ever seen a small flash sheet rose tattoo done in the 80's? Yeah well in the 2000's they look like poop! The outlines have expanded, the colors faded. They are almost unrecognizable... Skin DOES NOT hold ink like paper does. Skin is alive and the ink WILL spread out over time. Even the thinnest lines expand. Areas that are exposed to the sun, like feet and ankles or shoulder blades and such especially in the summer for all you beach goers, take a massive amount of abuse. So all you people who tan, yeah you are destroying your tattoos. But on small tattoos this exposure is worse, it makes them even uglier. So that cute little sun, those tiny stars, the adorable minute clover are all going to look like crap in a few years. I've got almost 8 years in the business and I've seen it! You can trust me cause I got photographic evidence!

Amazing isn't it? Less then 20 years old. Faded, all you see is some pink and green.
Here is another example of a small rose that now looks like purple cabbage.
And here is what age and sun do to small tattoos, this is a blob.
 Is this what you want your tattoo to look like? A kind of blob or blur. Is that worth the pain you endured? Or the amount of money you paid? No? Then STOP getting small tattoos!!!! Do yourself and your tattoo a favor, listen to the man or woman who tells you it needs to be bigger. And if you have a problem with that then maybe you shouldn't get the tattoo. Cause down the road, when its all faded and expanded do you know whats gonna happen? You will hate it. Then you'll be visiting the tattoo studio once again only this time its gonna be like this.

Me, "Hello, how can I help you?"
You, "I got this tattoo like ten years ago and now its all ugly, what can I do with it?"

It's true.