Pink Fire Pointer June 2013

Nothing endures but change.

Yep things change, people change, its how we grow as humans. So as sad as it is I bid farewell to my home of almost four years and to the people who were more like a family then co-workers. I have no animosity towards Dynasty Tattoo and hope they continue to provide the excellent work we all strived to produce. 

There is always a moment of awkwardness as both parties try to settle in to the new changes and I'd like to make the transition as easy as possible for my loyal clients. That being said as of July first I will be splitting my time between two studios. The majority of my time will be spent at Broadway Tattoo Lounge in South Amboy NJ. And because I didn't want to leave my clients here in south Jersey hanging I will still be available one to two days a week at Moerder Tattoo in Hammonton NJ, a mere half hour (?) from Newfield. So if you have work that needs finished by me or you are looking to start something new please contact me so that we can get you squared away with an appointment. My contact info has not changed, you can email me at or contact me through facebook if its easier. If you currently have a pending appointment I will be contacting you shortly to try and reschedule you. I will honor any security deposits that were given to Dynasty. However, if you no longer wish me to do your tattoo and would like to have someone else at Dynasty finish your tattoo then please by all means do so. 

Please bare with me as with any changes there will be some bumps in the road but I am working to make things as simple as possible for all involved. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and I hope to be seeing some of you real soon!

Broadway Tattoo Lounge
259 Oak Street
South Amboy, NJ

Moerder Tattoo
320 12th Street 
Hammonton, NJ